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Concept/ Planning Reviews

Accessibility reviews are prepared for a range of critical stages during the inception of a project steering the design down the right path but also erase the likelihood of a major design stages later in the project.

State Significant Design (SSD), Development Application (DA), Section 4.55

Accessibility Design Reviews

Accessibility Design reviews are prepared prior to the issuance of a building approval. This stage is critical in ironing-out accessibility related issues prior to construction occurring which saves the client valuable time and money.

Accessibility Performance Solutions

No two projects are alike each Performance based solution is formulated together with the project team to reach an intended design outcome. Performance Solutions are prepared under the Building Code of Australia.

Project Completion Phase

Undertake inspections at critical stages during construction and actively working with the project team to resolve any issues that may arise. Involvement during this phase ensures project milestones are on track to be met.

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits of a building will provide a thorough assessment of an existing building. Assessments are based on a specific scope identifying current issues and providing a resolutions for rectifications to occur.  

Adaptable/ Livable Housing Reviews

It is common for multi-dwelling housing/ apartment developments to trigger the requirement of livable and adaptable housing. Understanding Council’s requirements we are able to assist in reviewing and assessing these housing types during all phases of the project life.


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